An Art Experience with Almighty Chillski, hosted by Pedro AMOS Art Basel 2020

This week MBGG is highlighting a very talented artist who is a dear friend and humble Miami pioneer, Almighty Chillski.

Do yourself a favor and check out this outtake of Pedro AMOS’ interview with the Almighty Chillski during Art Basel 2020. The two discuss in depth the “Dragon” piece by Chillski. 

This is a sampler of an hour long interview, presented by Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide. Tune in and get inside the mind of one of Miami’s most authentic artists. Learn about the inner workings of Chillski’s process. 

Click here to watch the video on YouTube

Chillski’s style captures in great detail, moments of the 1980s era. His extreme detail to the era he wishes never ended. Chillski’s homage to 80’s fashion, attitudes and momentous scenes transports you back in time. 

Explore a well-known character that has majorly influenced Chillski. Bruce Lee. The street artist loves him so much he has more than 15 tattoos on his body devoted to the martial arts instructor. Lee’s persona is translated into Chillski’s work in the details. The smug of the characters have a hint of Lee’s facial expressions with the aura of the legend. 

We hope you enjoy this incredible teaser. Stay tuned for more to come from this epic art experience. 

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