Bitcoin Conference Official Wall: “Evolution of Money” Painted by Pedro AMOS, Chillski, & Daks, Sponsored by BitBasel

Cryptocurrency keeps getting hotter and Miami has become the perfect hub for it. Our beloved neighborhood became the host for the 2021 BitBasel Conference, which took place in the Mana Convention Center June 3-5 and hosted approximately 10,000 people. As of this June, Wynwood has become the focus for all events showcasing the latest and greatest in the Crypto and NFT world.

Now, would it really be a Wynwood event without street art?

BitBasel invited local artists Pedro Amos, Chillski, and Daks to paint the official BitBasel wall. The 80 by 10 feet mural is called “Evolution of Money” and it portrays currency trading across time periods, starting with prehistoric cavemen and ranging all the way to future, robotic, electronic purchases. The artists came up with the concept and designed a chronological sequence of how money has evolved in our world, by pinpointing specific eras.

The wall highlights 4 specific eras: prehistoric cavemen trading RAI, the Spanish conquistadores and their sequestering of the Mayan’s gold, corporate greed in a capitalist society, lastly, ending in the future that cryptocurrency/ blockchain technology might provide us with. The last scene represents a creative potential of this growing technology, depicting a couple in outer space using smartphone technology to purchase a spaceship with cryptocurrency.

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Pedro AMOS @pedro_amos_

Chillski @almightychillski

Daks @dr.dax

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