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Experience a truly unique Team Building Event with Miami's Best Graffiti Guide. Since 2016, we have provided one-of-a-kind, live painting experiences hosted by real artists. These events are a guaranteed memorable experience.

We take pride in meeting our clients' specific objectives. Whether you're looking to foster teamwork, enhance creativity, or simply have a out of the box good time, we will tailor make your event to the very last detail.

MBGG has partnered with a wide variety of leaders in their industry, healthcare (Abbott Lab), professional sports leagues (MLS & NHL), financial firms (PWC, Sabadell, Goldman Sachs) and luxury brands (Givenchy, Chanel).

We LOVE great communication and collaborations. Let US bring your brands objectives to life while also helping establish a creative and communicative culture for your company. culture of With memorable, creative solutions. 

If you're located outside of the Miami area- we host off-campus events domestically and internationally. Let us create an unforgettable team building experience for your company.

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Team Building Events

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