Official Launch of Virtual Tour App

Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide is excited to announce a new way to experience the street art of Wynwood! Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide tour app is now available for download on Google Play & Apple Store. This first-of-its-kind tour app gives users the ability to explore the world’s largest outdoor art gallery on a self-guided walking tour or virtually from anywhere in the world.

We’ve documented over 200 unique murals, graffiti pieces, installations, sculptures and more, located around Miami’s Wynwood art district and categorized them into four distinct tours. There are two ways to experience the Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide app: on a self-guided walking tour of the Wynwood area remotely and from the comfort of your own home or anywhere else!

On a self-guided tour you can park your car, open your app, choose the Map of the tour you’d like to take and begin at the closest mural you see. Each mural is GEO located and by clicking “Next” you’ll be guided to the next plot on your tour. For a museum-style experience, you can play an audio description that will give you more information about the art you’re viewing. Most murals also come with video close-ups and drone shots to give you a different perspective!

If you’re touring remotely, you can choose a tour and begin wherever you’d like, our “Next” button will guide you as if you’re on foot. Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide app provides photos, videos, voice, and text descriptions about the art that you’re viewing to give you the full experience. We’ve also added each artist’s social media and personal website so you can view more of their work or reach out to them directly.

The app’s interface allows for easy navigation from one tour to the next, giving you multiple ways to see the art of Wynwood. Additional resources like our “Help Exploring” and “Vocabulary” sections will help you unlock all that the app has to offer, while providing another educational component to your experience.

This app was designed to conform to the new social distancing norms, while cataloging the most historical art revolution of our lifetime. As the world moves forward and the way that we interact with one another changes, we stay committed to our mission of arts education via showcasing all of the artistic talent from around the globe. We hope that this app will provide a safe and engaging way to explore our community.


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    Posted by Lilia Garcia| November 25, 2020 |Reply

    Excellent work!!! Extremely informative, educational, and entertaining. It could serve as a prototype for other Miami districts and/or other cities. I can see you creating this for the DECO AREA, Coconut Grove, etc. The BID (Business Improvement District) in each of these places, I’m sure, would be super interested in duplicating this project for their districts, and they have $$. You could add Restaurant stops, etc. If you need funding to recreate this across other communities, other cities, the Knight Foundation might be interested. Also, share this with John Copeland at the GMCVB (Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau); they can be a significant supporter in marketing your guide to tourists.
    Appreciate the attention to detail and historical references…..I remember when Wynwood was called the Garment District!!!!
    I think your major challenge is getting it out there…..promote, promote, promote!!!!! And keep it fresh….even if it’s a new welcome paragraph or some kind of a game where every month you give a clue about a mural, and if they find the right one, their name in graffiti writing goes on your WALL OF FAME…a page on your app.

    Best of luck!!!!

    • Posted by miamisbest| November 27, 2020 |Reply

      Thank you so much for your feedback! LOVE the new paragraph idea!

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