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“Excellent Tour”

“Pedro was very knowledgeable and passionate, it showed in his excitement and enthusiasm, not to be missed!”

– Richard C

Fantastic experience from start to finish- highly recommend!

“What a phenomenal experience! Pedro is a wealth of knowledge and the tour was so much fun. We learned a lot and enjoyed every minute- the time just flew by. Our daughter also did the spray painting experience after the tour with Pedro and it was a highlight for her. We honestly can’t recommend the whole experience enough!”

– Travel630630

“Wynwood top list to do”

“the best was to continue the tour with the graffiti experience. The tour guide was great and even the teens had a great time.”

– Eric Levin

“Amazing Experience”

“One word: WOW. Our guide, Pedro Amos, was passionate and knowledgeable of all the art in the neighborhood. All of the tours are private, so social distancing was not a concern. Thank you, again! I highly recommend this tour, even if it’s through the app.”

– Jacquelyn E

“What a great time!”

“My fiancé and I came into town for a short visit and decided to do the graffiti tour, Pedro was awesome and we learned so much! Ended the tour at a brewery, this tour is a must!”

– Tank31407

“Do a VIP tour with Pedro NOW!”

“There is not a square inch of Wynwood Walls that Pedro doesn’t know everything about. It’s more than an art tour. His knowledge of the history behind the art and the artists was incredible. I will never look at “graffiti” the same again. I can’t wait to take my company on a tour, but the VIP experience was amazing. Pedro’s energy, talent, and passion are worth your time and money. I will be doing this again! Thanks AMOS!”

– Tripp H

“Great activity for a Girls Weekend”

“The tour was amazing – our guide, an artist himself, not only covered the history of graffiti and Wynwood but helped us gain a new appreciation for the art. We learned about different styles, tools, specific artists, the story behind different pieces – we had a blast. Highly recommend the 1 hour tour on bike. Also HIGHLY recommend The Taco Stand for lunch while you’re there (313 NW 25th St).

We rented bikes in South Beach and biked over to Wynwood. It’s about a 5 mile ride through fairly urban conditions. While there are marked bike lanes most of the way, they are not protected bike lanes so you have to be comfortable riding with cars. It’s pretty flat the whole way and takes about 35 minutes.”

– Jen M

“Special tour on tandem bike!”

“After 2 other group tours fell through, I was sad about not being able to tour Wynwood Walls with a guide. It must have been fate for me to talk with Ryan and then the decision to upgrade from the basic to the tandem bike tour. It was worth it! Ryan knows the history of the neighborhood, the movement of Miami embracing graffiti as an art form and incredible facts and stories about what you see and the artists who create it. He is an artist as well so it was great to support the company he cofounded. Being on a bike provided the ability to go greater distances and see more in the neighborhood. Wonderful opportunity to connect with a special community and admire the incredible art. Highly recommend and when I am back, I want my family to experience it through this local artist owned business.”

– Tiffany C

“A WONDERFUL Outdoor Art experience!”

“My wife and I signed up for the DUO tour and it was great. We are retired and often travel to Art museums across the country and in Europe. This tour was one of the most interesting and inspiring Art experiences we have ever had. Pedro knows all the artists and we were able to stop and chat with some of them. He has been all over the world and brings a wealth of experience and perspective. Of course, the Art is amazing but to also be able to ask questions about how the artists navigate the complex relationships to actually get a chance to paint was really cool. I cant say enough about this opportunity. Tell your friends and and your kids. They will love it!”

– gilliman67

The only way to see Wynwood – book with this artist owned company!

“We did the Duo Adventure tour b/c we prefer private tours. We also added on an extra hour – making it a 2 hour tour instead of 1 hour. The second hour is great to be able to see everything. Also recommend adding on the VIP cart because Miami is hot most of the year and it’s extra nice to be able to cruise around and see more stuff from the comfort of the cart. Pedro was our tour guide. Second tour with him (we did a graffiti tour with him in Montreal). He’s a super nice, super chill guy. Highly recommend him. He knows everything about his neighborhood and his fellow artists.”

– jennifer n

“Dope tour with Pedro

“We cruised around the neighborhood and saw the vast array of artists from all over the worlds work. Being that he is an artist who knows these artists he is able to really give in depth analysis and understanding behind the art/graff and murals. Me and my girlfriend had an amazing time! Thanks Amos!”

– Sdisme91

“Great way to understand the art

“Like any art form, it really helps an understanding of the mastery of a particular wall if you understand the different techniques used by each artist and the potential complexities faced. Ryan’s tour really brings all of this to light. So glad we spent time with Ryan on his tour. It really made us appreciate all that has gone into this very exciting district.”

– Scottbike

“Awesome Graffiti Tour

“There is no better way to explore art than having it shown and explained to you by a real artists. Tremendous insights into modern street art with lots of respect for his own art but even more the art of his friends and colleagues. Really inspiring and highly recommended.”

– NicoG86

“Such a fun, unique experience!

“Our Squad Safari tour with Ryan was amazing! It was my husband and I, and our 17 and 20 yr old kids. Ryan was so easy to communicate with and gave me very helpful info before our tour. During the tour, we walked through the streets in the Wynwood district and he gave us such a neat a glimpse into the world of graffiti and street art. Being an artist himself, he was so knowledgeable about the graffiti, the artwork, the locations and the artists. We ended at the famous Wynwood Walls. It was fun, interesting, and probably one of the most unique experiences we’ve had. We felt like this was an authentic behind-the-scenes Wynwood tour and we loved that. I hope we get to do it again one day!”

– tkmnshaw


“Yesterday, my wife and I took a tour with Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide around Wynwood and we loved it! Ryan The Wheelbarrow is an excellent guide! He’s very knowledgable about the history of Wynwood, the styles of art, the scene, and he’s a really cool guy who’s an awesome artist himself! We learned about the sub-culture, art lingo, and saw lots of cool places on the tour.

If you are ever in Miami, you have to take a tour with them! It’s a must!”

– xrandre

Totally fascinating- for anyone interested in art or anyone interest in “cool”

“This was one of the best art tours I have ever taken! I typically visit art galleries and take architecture tours in every city I visit. The graffiti and street art scene was unknown to me and seemed like a great way to go into a section of town that was probably unsafe. I had no idea that Wynwood is the largest area in the world and that just about every square inch of an area the size of the French Quarter is covered with all types of art. Totally amazing. Wynwood is now part of Art Basel and the place is now a tourist mecca (which even more means why it is so helpful to have a guide like Ryan who is himself one of the artists and can get you to the most influential, most interesting, and most not-to-be-missed)”

– Robin M

“Outstanding, fun & enlightening tour”

“Ryan and his colleagues do a fantastic job showing you around the amazing Wynwood area to see vibrant outdoor murals and graffiti art. The tour guides are artists themselves and they provide a fascinating insider’s account about the best artists, the process of making public art and murals, and the culture of graffiti (which will blow your mind – it’s not about breaking the law). The tour is fun and educational, and Ryan is great at tailoring it to his audience. A great value, well worth the cost – really a must-do if you’re in Miami (whether you’re visiting or live there).”

– Dave41707

“This tour was so enjoyable, we did it three times!”

“We spend part of our winter in Miami and ended up doing this tour three times with different friends. Each time we scheduled a 6 PM tour and then at the end of the tour went off to dinner at KYU (reservations made in advance) or Wynwood Kitchen and Bar. We toured with both Ryan (twice) and Pedro (once). Both Ryan and Pedro start with a very solid history of both of the physical area and the history of graffiti to murals both in Wynwood but also on a national and international level. Both of the guides have deep personal history in both the area and relationships with the artists, of which they are also. My review is sounding dry, but it is very fun and informative tour and the time goes by way too quickly. All of our friends loved it and were so complimentary of the tour and what a nice evening we had strolling around Wynwood and then heading to dinner. We travel a lot and have been on many different tours, but this was definitely one of my all time favorites (only way to explain going three weeks in a row). I would highly recommend this tour, you will learn a lot and it is such a nice way to learn about wall art and Wynwood. Have fun and I am sure we will be back next year!”

– Traveler40


“It was a very nice trip, good environment, the tour guide explained everything super well, and we get to see cool Graffiti at Winwood”

– John Doe


“Great Guy! Knows everything you need to know in the business. Would recommend to go! If you are looking for a tour or guide, this is definitely the one.”


“Review on Miami’s best graffiti guide”

“amazing tour guide, who really knows what he is talking about. He is also very enthusiastic about the art and wants to share with everyone possible.”

– wedrf

“Graffiti Tour around Wynwood”

“Great tour. Very interesting. We really enjoyed his tour and he knew most of the artists that we viewed making easier for him to expand on the artwork.”

– Clara L


“I had been to the walls before, however, this tour allowed me to learn so much more. I learned about the artists and walked through a prime area of Wynwoods art. Plus, the tour ends in the heart of some of Wynwoods greatest food.”

– zach r

“Fantastic path and energy”

“Pedro was a well informed guide who taught our class group about new forms of art most of us had never understood. So grateful to have met such a well-networked, kind artist in the industry.”

– veda t

“Coolest Tour You’ll Ever Take!”

“If you are looking to get the inside scoop on how the Wynwood Art District became the cultural hot spot it is today, you’ll love Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide. Pedro was engaging, fun, and shared inspiring stories about the artists that created the murals. What was even more amazing was that he is an artist himself so he was able to explain the techniques that went into each mural. Whether you are an art enthusiast or simply want to explore a cultural attraction, you’ll leave this tour feeling fulfilled, inspired, and with the urge to become a fearless street artist.”

– stephmenji

“Wynwood Walls Tour”

“Great tour. Interesting and informative. Pedro knows most of the artists whose works we viewed. Now we know the difference between graffiti and street art.”

– AltDale

“Great Energy and Art Knowledge”

“We really enjoyed Pedro’s Wynwood Walls Tour. He really knows about the artists, the techniques and the history of the area, and is able to explain in easily. He had great energy and was a perfect guide. Highly recommend!”

– heatherramin

“Awesome Wynwood tour!”

“These guys know the inside baseball on Wynwood’s street art and are working artists themselves so can comment on the techniques and practices being used for the murals or graffiti. Our guide, Pedro, has been a working artist her for decades and could talk through the history of the place in a way that made us see and appreciate the art so much more. There is so much more to see than the Wynwood Walls – these guys can take you to the key spots. Take a cart if you can :)”

– Tann1n

“Not to be missed”

“Fun, funky…we all enjoyed it. From my 74yo Mom to my 13yo son. There is a lot to take in. A fun diversion from the typical tourist offerings.”

– littlejet

“As Good as Any Modern Art Museum!”

“Recently a group of us (6) took a Squad Safari (buggy) tour of Wynwood, with Ryan and Pedro. For background, my wife and I have been interested in graffiti and street art for many years, and have “chased” graffiti all over the world. Never had a guided tour though, so our knowledge of what is behind all the form and color was never there — well, no more: Ryan and Pedro provided an excellent and detailed tour of Wynwood, which covered it’s history, recent developments, stories about key artists (including themselves), explanations of the meaning behind many of the art works, and so forth. Moving around in the buggies was great, as it allowed covering a lot of ground. One note on the enthusiasm and dedication of these two guys: our one hour tour lasted about an hour and a half, and would have lasted longer except they had to return the buggies – us being an interested audience made them happy and appreciative, as were we. Highly recommend.”

– SLowenfeld

“Fantastic Day with Pedro Amos”

It was a great morning exploring the graffiti and pieces in the Wynwood! Great art! An exceptional tour!

– Judy D

“Fun and Informative”

“I wanted to check out the Wynwood Walls before heading out of Miami and decided to book a tour during on a Tuesday night, when I figured it wouldn’t be so crowded. I lucked out and didn’t have anyone else on the tour so I didn’t have to worry about being interrupted and got to ask plenty of questions in between. Pedro was my tour guide for the evening and he was able to show me all of the pieces that were in the walls, doors, and garden area as well walk me through the gallery. He was super informative and his passion for the art of graffiti definitely showed. I highly recommend this tour not only because it was fun but you’ll also learn why this area is such a intricate and valuable contribution to the city of Miami.”

– miggs228

“Amazing Tour”

“I’m a student who took this tour with my classmates, and it was absolutely incredible. Pedro ‘AMOS’ was our our guide, and he was so knowledgeable about every mural, every wall, and had answers to all of our questions. He knew the artists and he knew their stories, and he spoke to us in a very honest and genuine way. He had incredible energy, and shared his love for the art with us, which made us that much more fascinated and that much more interested. I would definitely recommend this tour guide to anyone wanting to learn about Miami’s art scene and looking for someone who is going to bring them into that world with passion and enthusiasm.”

– Amanda V


“I went with my high school art class and it was one of the best and rich experiences I have been offered in the art community. I’ve grown up in Miami my whole life and never truly understood the artistic culture that is Wynwood. The guide was fantastic supplementing personal stories and histories about each piece. If you really want to understand this colorful city through its art this is the definite way to go!”

– Samantha K

“Amazing tour!!!”

“My school gave the students in the art program to visit the most interesting wall in Wynwood. We were accompanied by Pedro, which made the tour more engaging since he knows EVERYTHING about each and every single masterpiece we saw. I just have to say it was a great experience, and Miami’s Best Graffiti Tour made more exciting and easier for us to interpret the information we received! Thank you so much for teaching us all about the stories each wall has behind them. I truly recommend this for a weekend activity with friends and family”

– roca022

“Best Field Trip Ever!!!”

“We got to see so many different murals and graffiti that I had never seen before, despite going to Wynwood a lot!! Completely worth it for anyone, living in Miami or not. If you don’t know a lot about Wynwood or graffiti you will definitely learn during this trip. Informational and fun!!!”

– mlz123

“Awesome trip”

“Great trip with a very helpful guide who gives you the story behind each work of art. The walls were fascinating and inspiring”

– Nicolas R

“best field trip ever dude”

“had a great time with pedro, great sights to see. the artwork was amazing if you ever come to wynwood take this tour highly recommend. 10/10”

– hstavola


“OMG! I took 50 of my high school art students on a field trip with Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide and Pedro ‘AMOS’ conducted the tour. It was hands down the BEST field trip EVER! He was friendly and engaging with the kids, he had insider information about each artist we saw and first hand experience working with all of them. It was truly inspiring for my group of young aspiring artists. I only have positive things to say about this rich, robust, and immersive Street art and Graffiti art tour! FABULOUS!!”

– rouf2018

“Fantastic tour”

“This tour was amazing–his depth of knowledge and passion of art and Wynwood made this an incredible experience. Knowing who the artist was and where they were from really made us look closer at the art and understand its meaning. We learned a lot more than if we were to just wander on our own, and even learned some graffiti vocab. This is a must-do and we would recommend this to everyone!”

– k80tall

“An insiders view on graffiti and street art culture”

“You can drive & walk through this area, but you’ll only see 10% of the art, and know nothing about the rich storyline behind each piece, and the deeper truth behind EVERYTHING you see. Do the tour! Its a wikipedia on wheels!”

– zards

“Such a rich experience”

“Ryan our guide has so much passion and knowledge that he shares. It was a gorgeous art walk and learning about the history of graffiti art, a must on your list in Miami. So fun and jaw dropping.”

– Colleen H


“I had an amazing time during the tour an after. It was my first time coming to Wynwood and I would definitely go back again. Our tour guide was Pedro, he really knew what he was doing and what he was speaking about.”

– Julia E

“Awesome Murals”

“The tour guide was great and he thoroughly explained the background of each and every mural. He was very well versed with the history and it showed. The walls themselves were gorgeous and full of vibrant colors. I had a great time going to Wynwood.”

– gurena1999

“Vibrant colors were rampant everywhere!!!”

“The tour guide was very informative and chill. Each painting on the walls had a story to tell through color and subjectivity. The food here was amazing.”

– Christiann J

“Great Tour :)”

“My first time going to see the Wynwood Walls was on tour with students from my school. I was fascinated by art, and Pedro made the tour even better by being knowledgeable about every art piece that was present. I would not hesitate to go again! :)”


“Yearbook Class Tour of Wynwood”

“Best time ever!! Loved our tour guide Pedro. Being there with no one else was a wonderful experience. 10/10 recommend :)”


“Great Trip!”

“This trip to Wynwood is now my favorite, because of the amazing tour guide! Pedro gave us a really cool tour of the art, and he showed us all of the art and gave interesting history behind it. It was a great time and I would love to go back!”

– Katherine W


“I’ve been to Wynwood several times over the years; however, this tour really got me to see a different side of Wynwood. Our tour guide Pedro was really informative and taught us a lot about the history of Wynwood along with details on all the fantastic artwork displayed on the walls. I would definitely recommend taking a tour with Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide.”

– Debora F


“We had Pedro as our tour guide. He was excellent, we were able to view abstract, 3D, and graffiti art in a new perspective. I now know the difference graffiti and vandalism lol.”



“I went on a class trip here and it was awesome. Our guide, Pedro, provided us with his interesting take on the art and was very enthusiastic. Loved it!”


“Great experience”

“This was one of the most unforgettable experiences I’ve had! The guide, Pedro, knew what he was talking about and went above and beyond, to make the group I went with comfortable. This is something I will not forget!”

– christian g

“Amazing fun”

“The experience itself was great all together, I was so glad to be able to learn about the history surrounding the area. Pedro was an amazing tour guide, he made it feel like a stroll in the park with an old friend while still making it all an amazing learning experience.”


“Loved It!”

“I’ve taken many tours before, but no one has ever explained them as well as Pedro. He really knows a lot about the history of the art and of the place itself. I really enjoyed it, and 100% recommend it to everyone!”

– Camila G

“Amazing Experience!”

“Since it was my first time at Wynwood, I did not expect it to be as amazing as it was. Our guide, Pedro, showed and taught us the history of all the artwork, he also talked about the artists, and to me it was an amazing experience, would definitely come back.”

– JD_PR_0220

“All-around awesome”

“Our guide was Pedro and he was extremely knowledgeable. He explained how many of the walls were made, told small personal insights about the artists themselves and shared his prospective on the meanings behind some of them. He made the trip memorable and unique.”

– kknox0023

“Great First Time Experience!”

“It was my first time going to Wynwood and after my experience, I will definitely be going again soon. The guide, Pedro, was very enthusiastic, kind, and you could clearly tell he was prepared and knew everything there was to know about the art. I had an amazing time and would 10/10 recommended Pedro.”

– Giannella M

“Best Guide”

“The guide was really enthusiastic as he told us about some of the history behind the art. He even gave us a good tip of where we could take a picture (seen below). If I could I would give Pedro 6 out of 5 stars.”

– Miguel C

“The best street art tour I’ve taken!”

“This is the best street art tour I’ve been to, and the fact that Pedro and Ryan are artists themselves makes all the difference; you’ll learn about different techniques, artists’ backgrounds and Miami’s inside stories that will leave you feeling like you’re part of the Wynwood family. They have different options depending on one’s needs, so whether you want a private, group or corporate tour, they’re the best option. Most importantly, their kindness and warmth make me proud to know that they’re representing Miami.”

– Carolina G


“Wonderful immersion in the world of the street art, guided by someone who is a vital part of Miami Street Art scene. The tour accommodates the lay person, those who are curious, and professional artists. This tour is a portal to the fascinating experience of street art in Miami. Thank you, Pedro!”

– Sightseer726930

“Put This on Your List!”

“Thank you to Pedro for introducing us to the world Graffiti and Murals. My daughter and I were fascinated by this current and happening “Art Medium” that we knew very little about before coming to Wynwood. Since Pedro is a graffiti artist he was able to share so much about his own art and help us differentiate between the styles of the other artists. We even got to see his amazing work. In our one hour tour we met various local artists and saw so many incredible walls. As we were doing our tour, we stumbled upon a mural that was being painted and the artist let us jump in and try it ourselves. It is truly “art in motion” . We loved it!”

– MDT66



“See Wynwood from an Insider’s Point of View”

“Biking around Wynwood with Pedro was the best part of my trip to Miami. The graffiti and murals felt like they were part of a vibrant, living art scene. I am certain my experience was in so small part influenced by Pedro’s actually being a graffiti artist. As we viewed each mural, Pedro would share a story, often personal, about his friends on colleagues who had created the mural. He would also deconstruct the graffiti, making it possible for me to see what the artist was saying. Having an authentic member of the local street art scene explain its inner workings was priceless. My friend and I booked an hour with Pedro but I could easily imagine spending a much longer time exploring the street art of Wynwood with him.”

– Joel K


“A definite must”

“Pedro is an excellent, enthusiastic, knowledgeable guide. He explained so much about graffiti and its culture that we never knew. It was a fabulous experience. It should be a “must” on your things to do in Miami list.”

– sbs782017


“”Today was the best day of my life” -Chloe Llerena (4years old)”

x.gif“Can we go back to The Wynwood Walls again to see the paintings and Pedro again tomorrow?” -Jayce Perez (4years old)

“Thank you for taking us on this field trip Christy, WE LOVED IT!” -Luna Janania (4years old)

“Today was the best day of my life” -Chloe Llerena (4years old)

As a teacher, hearing my class with such enthusiasm in their voices, confirms to me that this was an experience that will stay with them forever and it is all because of Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide!

My class has been extremely interested in art and galleries all year, so I knew Wynwood was the perfect place to take them on a field trip. Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide welcomed us with open arms, and never hesitated because the kids were “too young”.

Dealing with 19 curious four and five year olds isn’t an easy task, but Pedro was absolutely incredible! He had an immense amount of patience, and his passion for art kept my little ones engaged, interested, and wanting more.

Thank you for creating such a memorable experience for my students, this will be a memory they carry with them for years to come.

– Christymp13

“Real insider insight and a great time ”

“We did the two hour tour as a family of four with Pedro AMOS and Barbie. Great to spend time with a local artist so deeply into the scene. Couldn’t have had more fun or learned more about a unique culture and a great part of the city. Pedro and Barbie were really knowledgeable and their passion for the subject were infectious. A really immersive tour of the art form from the streets to the biggest names of mural art. Our two boys (10 and 14) thought it was great. Huge recommendation from us. Go ahead. Support a truly passionate truly local business and don’t hesitate to book.”

– Richard S

“А вам нравиться Graffiti?”

“Замечательное место, где можно потеряться часа на 2, а если вы захотите перекусить – то часа на 3. До посещения Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide к этому виду искусства относился с пренебрежением (людям нечего делать, вот и пишут на стенах буквы и цифры). А попал в Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide и прозрел. Был в восторге от увиденного. Были с друзьями (группа человек 15), все были в восторге. Обязательно рекомендую для посещения. Не пожалеете.”

“Do you like Graffiti?”

A wonderful place to get lost for 2 hours, and if you want a snack – the hour 3. Before visiting Miami's Best Graffiti Guide to this type of art are treated with disdain (people have nothing to do here and write on the walls of letters and numbers). A hit in Miami's Best Graffiti Guide and received his sight. I was delighted with what he saw. Were friends (a group of 15 people), all were delighted. Necessarily recommend to visit. You will not regret.

– Gosha0609

“Insider’s street art tour!”

“Very cool opportunity to learn about graffiti and street art from a local artist! Pedro is an engaging, warm, and passionate guide. He’s knowledgeable, but also endlessly curious to learn what others see in the art he’s probably seen a million times. Take this tour and pick his brain!!! You’ll walk away with a deeper appreciation of street art.”

– Vmagz

“Wynwood Walls”

We took this one hour tour yesterday! The tour guide was great. He was passionate as well as knowledgeable. I highly recommend taking this tour.

– shOshieN

“Ryan Goes the Distance”

The best tours of any place should have some passion about where you are, and Ryan provides that quality in spades. Every comment on every piece in Wynwood was draped in historical context about where graffiti has come from, where it is now, and where it could go as exemplified in the high quality work we strolled through. Ryan was generous with his time going over our slot as well as empathetic to what my wife and I wanted to do or know. He is a fantastic choice for a source, a guide, or just a dude to tell you what’s up with the graffiti scene.

 – Alex B

“Great insight into mural art”

Really enjoyed our guided tour of the Wynwood Walls outdoor museum with our charming and enthusiastic guide, Pedro. He explained the history of Wynwood and took us on a short (40 minutes) but interesting tour of the curated murals in this wonderful, outdoor space. Pedro, is himself an artist, and shared his insights into the works displayed in an engaging manner and was happy to answer questions and take photos.

– 101ROD


“Amazing Tour of Wynwood!!”

We were a rather large group, but our tour guide Pedro made it feel like an intimate tour. He has vast knowledge about the history of the area, which even as a local I had no idea about. He introduced us to both local and international artists who were painting in anticipation of Art Basel. Nothing like hearing the artist speak of their work and shaking their hands. Seriously amazing – even for a group of locals like ourselves. Will repeat after Basel to see the ever changing walls. PS- Pedro even walked us into Wynwood Kitchen and Bar and they immediately (and graciously) set up a table for 12 of us to have some beers and appetizers post-tour!



“Five stars! ”

Since no one else showed up today, Ryan gave us a private tour trough Wynwood. Even though there was just 2 of us, he took his time to show us all his favourite street art and graffiti works, his passion definitely shows! And it’s free! Just go there :)!

– Vicky V


“Best tour ever”

Our guide Pedro was awesome! I was skeptical if the paid tour would be worth it, because the space is free to tour. Worth every penny! So cool to have a guide who is also a graffiti artist. The insight and perspective was unmatched. One of the best tours I’ve ever been on.

– Edgar v


“Must visit for a different experience”

I was pleasantly surprised with this spur of the moment visit last Sunday. There is a great vibe in this area which should be even better during the week when all the shops are open.

The art is simply amazing and you should set a few hours aside to truely appreciate the work. Lots of places in between to find some cold beers and nibbles and hide from the heat!

Highly recommended,

– Daniël K


“Magic work of Wynwood”

Ryan was the perfect guide; the place just great; al lot of energy and magnificent art works!. A must if you are around Miami.

– Davide V


“Wonderful guided tour”

Ryan was a pleasure to be with, and his enthusiasm for art, and appreciation of the talent of all the artists, is infectious. We have a new understanding of graffiti and I don’t think we will be able to walk casually by any street art again. I wish we had recorded him. He was smart, warm, incredibly responsive to our needs and interests, and as we walked through the neighborhood and he greeted gallery and store owners, fellow artists and other people, we got a real sense of the neighborhood. This was a great tour.



“Ryan Is The Best”

My family and I just took a tour with Ryan and were impressed beyond words. Ryan’s knowledge and passion showed with every mural we passed. He shared information about the area, the artists, and so much more. As an insider and artist himself, he is friends with many of the artists as was evident from the countless people who said hi to him as we walked on the path.
The tour was $180 for 6 of us and well worth every penny. We ended it after a little under 2 hours, but only because we were hot — he could have and would have gone on for much longer. He clearly loves what he does and were felt fortunate to have the opportunity to spend this time with him.

– Alon K via



Lugar delicioso para passear pelas ruas a pé, admirando e tirando fotos com as pinturas que existem espalhadas pelo lugar, super moderno de muito bom gosto, com muitos turistas , e restaurantes com comidinhas deliciosas,super recomendo!!!

– Monica V via



Sempre que visito o local, acho despojado e lotado de turistas sempre! Recomendo dar uma passada e conferir!

– Diego P via


“Great even if you know nothing about street art”

My wife and i did the one hour walking tour. You can of course just drive around or walk through the Wynwood Walls but getting a guide will help you understand what you see. Our guide Ryan was great and took us around the whole neighborhood, not just through the official Walls and provided a lot of context on when and by whom different murals were done. Would definitely do this again.

– Tupelo72 via TripAdvisor


“Go to Wynwood and take this tour!”

I took this tour on a family vacation and it was universally loved by everyone of all ages. I am not very knowledgeable about art or the Miami area, but after this tour I wanted to see and learn more about street art, murals, and the graffiti scene. Ryan is one of the most enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and entertaining tour guides I’ve ever had across my travels (I’m an frequent guided tour taker!). As the tour went along I got more and more interested and Ryan answered all the questions that kept popping into my head with such depth and enthusiasm. If you want to go to Wynwood and not just see the art, but to begin to understand it, take the time to walk through with Ryan. You will not be disappointed.

If you have art skeptics in your group, convince them to join you, and watch as they are drawn in by Ryan’s expertise and by the rich history and culture surrounding these amazing works of art.
-Jared K via TripAdvisor


“Highly recommend this tour for all audiences!”

My family (ranging in age from mid-50s to early 20s) really enjoyed our tour! Before the tour, we knew almost nothing about the Wynwood area, street art, or graffiti. We learned *so much* from Ryan and felt like we really got a sense of the neighborhood, its history, and the art from the tour. Ryan pointed out so many fascinating details of the murals that we never would have noticed if we were wandering around the neighborhood on our own. (He was also very accommodating to our family – some of us were a little late arriving due to a biking snafu and my dad cannot walk very fast – and Ryan was very gracious and easygoing about all of it.) Ryan’s enthusiasm for the area and the art was infectious, and we had a great time. Highly recommend to all!

– Hannah M via TripAdvisor


“Best tour in Miami!!! Not to be missed!!!”

I am fortunate to live in this beautiful city, and this is my second time doing Ryan’s tour (this time, with a friend who was visiting me). We chose the afternoon tour, and just rented city bikes, located conveniently across the street from Panther Coffee (meeting point). Ryan the wheelbarrow is very passionate about Wynwood’s art scene, and on this tour he will give you insight about the pieces, the artists, and the legal aspects involved in the development of Wynwood into a mecca of urban art. I believe that the tour is made much more interesting by the fact that being artist himself, Ryan can identify and explain the various methods used in the pieces. Perhaps the highlight of this tour, in my opinion, is that Ryan was incredibly excited about some of the pieces, almost like he had just seen them for the first time. I got the impression that he really loves doing his job. My friend loved it, and I also had a great experiencing another side of Miami. Will be back!!!

– Joyce G via TripAdvisor


“Mucho arte”

un lugar increible !!! el entorno lleno de arte ,es un maseo maravilloso sobre todo para los que nos gusta el arte

– eugeelias via TripAdvisor


“Highly recommend this tour!”

Ryan the Wheelbarrow was clearly a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic connoisseur of the street art in Wynwood and truly loves sharing his enthusiasm on tours. We went to places where there were amazing murals that I’d never even seen before (I live nearby) and he gave detailed background on particular artists and artist groups and also how the movement progressed from the 80’s to now.

It was very hot and then stormy, but that’s Miami. Both before and after the tour you have many options for libations and food, and Ryan did point out some interesting local haunts to check out, such as Jugo Fresh, Panther Coffee, and Zak the Baker. Great tour!

– Melissa S via TripAdvisor


“The hidden gems of Miami!!!”

My friend and I took this tour without planning it. We were in the area that day, received a flyer with the info for a Saturday tour, and we decided to rent a couple of citi bikes and started a wonderful ride. The tour guy was very knowledgeable, he took us to places were even locals don’t go and we saw some amazing art. It is definitely one of the best experiences in Miami. Something to do besides going to the beach and shopping… the ride was complementary, Ryan offered us drinks during the ride and the best part was the passion he showed while talking about art, it was truly remarkable!!!!

– NatsScreenName via TripAdvisor


“DEFINITELY DO THIS!!! Best of Miami”

The Wynwood Mural Tour is great for hip-hop lovers, graffiti lovers and all art lovers! If you can, take the private tour with Ryan as my friends and I did. Ryan picked us up at Panther coffee, which was directly across the street from a Citi Bike stand. We rented our bikes from the Kiosk (so simple, so cheap) and off we went. Ryan was so detailed! He knew about every wall and its artist at length. He had no problem answering any of our questions and even finding artist walls we heard about, that were off his scheduled path. Wynwood is amazing, the graffiti art is spectacular and Ryan was the best. If you are in Miami, are over the South Beach Scene, or just love art, the Wynwood Mural Tour is a must!

– fshngrl via TripAdvisor

“A perfect way to see Miami’s street art”

Arranged a tour on short notice, which they were able to accommodate. Highly recommended for fans of graffiti/street art

– evoque via TripAdvisor