Sandro Abate Joins MBGG

As Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide continues educating the masses from far and near on the art and history of Wynwood’s famed arts district, we are proud to bring onboard the incredible local photographer Sandro Abate.

Originally from Venezuela, Miami has been Sandro’s home since 1979. Rocking a fluffy Santa beard, Sandro has been documenting the ever-changing murals in Miami almost daily since 2012. His talent behind the lens doesn’t stop with only street art. His resume includes everything from landscapes to portraits and then some. Sandro has a trained eye and unbridled passion for Wynwood. He is not hard to miss with his snappy color coordinated socks lurking about Panther Coffee, so the next time you see give him give him a high-5!

You can scope out more of his photography online or follow him on Instagram for daily .

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