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Artist Talk with Mare139 at POW! WOW! 2021

Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide presents a chat with Mare139, hosted by Pedro AMOS from MBGG, conducted directly from POW! WOW! Hawaii 2021 10 year anniversary. Check it out: Social Media: @carlosmare @pedro_amos_

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Artist Talks with Didi Contreras

This week we are highlighting another incredible artist: Didi Contreras. Didi is a visual artist devoted to creating colorful and mystic portraits of femme figures. When Didi is not spreading her art on the streets of Miami, you can find her sharing her knowledge and technique inside the classroom as an art teacher. You can […]

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BLACKBRAIN’s Vador Mouse Now in MBGG Store

We’re excited to announce BLACKBRAIN as our latest artist edition to our online store, featuring two different numbered edition prints! BLACKBRAIN came up with this mix of vador and the mouse prior to the Star Wars and Disney merger, representing the dichotomy of the villain vs. our childhood joy. Each color way is limited to […]

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