Can Control Crash Course – TIGO x TRAGEK 2019

Can Control Crash Course – TIGO x TRAGEK 2019



TRAGEK BURNS TIGO with Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide

Recently Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide teamed up with the formidable graffiti artist TRAGEK to burn a new design for the fine folks at TIGO. Street art and graffiti lovers on their Wynwood art walk would pass by gawking at the authentic styles of the well respected vandal. Thank you to the rad group from TIGO to join our one of a kind team building experience, our CAN CONTROL CRASH COURSE.

Book your team’s next Wynwood adventure with us for the most passionate and award winning tour of our unique and ever changing wall in Wynwood, with or without spray paint. Email us for more details and information.

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