Pedro AMOSamos portrait rosen wall

In January 2016, Pedro AMOS founded "Miami's Best Graffiti Guide," the first and only artist-owned and operated tour company in Miami. MBGG hosts thousands of visitors on daily tours throughout the year, exploring Street Art in Wynwood & Little Havana. They are also the official street art tours for the Mural Festival, an annual event that takes place every summer in Montreal. MBGG takes pride in educating the public about the cultural significance of street art. That message is always conveyed by real working artists as your guide.

        In 2017, AMOS accepted the role of Art Director for "Basel House Mural Festival" and held this position from 2017 to 2020.  His artistic vision and expertise contributed to the festival's incredible success. Curating & allocating  50+ artists annually in the streets of Wynwood. 

December 2021, Pedro AMOS Galeria proudly opened its doors to the public. The Galeria is an inviting space that showcases Pedro's exceptional pieces, including custom works and merchandise. With a commitment to fostering imagination, The Galeria serves as a hub for artistic engagement and community interaction.


 The Galeria hosts a variety of artist talks and industry leader panels, providing visitors with unique insight. Additionally, they offer Team Building Events to corporate companies utilizing art to encourage collaboration and innovation. Each event aims to spark dialogue, inspire imagination, and create a memorable experience.


  Diana Contreras

Diana Contreras, originally from Peru, stands as a remarkable artist in the visual arts world.  Rooted in the vibrant city of Miami, her multifaceted creative endeavors have made a splash within Miami's  art scene and abroad. Didi’s beautiful murals can be seen throughout South Florida’s city streets. Her artistic endeavours have captivated audiences globally, garnering international recognition and securing her placement within prestigious exhibitions and esteemed private collections, including the revered Street Art Dubai Gallery.

Contreras, explores a myriad of mediums within her craft. Canvas, walls, stickers, even sneakers, Didi continues to push her artistic expeditions, infusing her works with an unmistakable aura of femininity. Her enchanting portraits spring to life.


Contreras holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Art Education and has pursued advanced studies in Art in Education at the esteemed Florida International University. Driven by her unwavering passion for art history, she embarked on a transformative sojourn in the city of Florence, Italy. Immersing herself in the rich tapestry of artistic traditions that have shaped the world. Seeking to further refine her artistic skills, Contreras then honed her craft at the prestigious Art Students League of New York, an esteemed institution nestled in the vibrant epicenter of New York City. 

Yet, Contreras's artistic journey is not a solitary pursuit. Instead, she wholeheartedly embraces her role asan Ambassador of Art, sharing her profound passion and expertise with audiences far and wide. Didi fosters a deeper appreciation for the transformative power of artistic expression. Prepare to be captivated and inspired as Didi Contreras elevates the artistic realm to new heights.