Celebrating Women’s Month

Celebrating Women’s Month

It’s March and you know what that means: Happy Women’s Month!

Being a woman street artist in the historically male-dominated field can be challenging but, these artists won’t let anyone get in their way of their passion. 

This week Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide is highlighting 3 badass women street artists who are locals to the Miami street art scene.

REDS @redskee

REDS reps the 305 hard. Known for her colorful graffiti all over the city of Miami. She focuses on traditional graffiti and her own unique take on characters, her flamingo for example, with gold teeth and crazy swag. She uses a very pop color palette and incorporates a lot of pattern design in her work. Go check out her “Greetings from Wynwood” mural on the corner of 26st NW 3rd ave. 


Tatiana Suarez @tatunga

Focused on pop surrealism and muralism, Tati offers a fresh perspective on what it means to be a street artist in Miami. Her work portrays female creatures in a soft, ethereal light with big milky eyes, her unmistakable signature. Depicted as witches, goddesses, nymphs, and fairies, her femme-spirits bring the mystic imagination to reality. We love her mystical, whimsical style. 


Jenny Perez @jennyperezart

Jenny is a contemporary artist & muralist taking pop art in a new direction. Her work encompasses both fine art canvas paintings as well as public wall installations. The essence of her pieces focus on the colorful and textured abstract, creating a playful yet sophisticated edge to Miami’s street art culture. She’s fancy and we love it!


REDS, Tatiana Suarez, and Jenny Perez all focus on completely different artistic styles and positively contribute to making Miami street art eclectic and creative.

We love their work and hope to keep seeing their art beautify the streets of the world! 

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