Our founder Pedro Amos had the opportunity to show the vibrant street art in Wynwood to the team behind “Oh The People You Meet” (OTPYM).

“Oh The People You Meet” is a global collective of creators that cover interesting folks they meet and the uniqueness of their lives. Some of the people they feature include artists, scientists, writers, activists, travelers, etc, and cover a range of topics. OTPYM’s mission is to highlight the impact of people’s work and to inspire others. They travel around the world with a production team and create travel videos, which are then shared on their Blog (https://ohthepeopleyoumeet.com) and Social Media (Instagram: @OTPYM). Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide is excited to be one of those features!

We took Michaela Guzy @michaelaguzy, founder of “Oh The People You Meet,” on a tour around Wynwood explaining the artistic importance of the area and the impact of the street art movement. Guzy also participated in our Can Control Crash Course, where she learned how to spray paint and got to be an artist herself.

Check out OTPYM’s experience with MBGG:

It was a pleasure having OTPYM riding with us!

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