POW! WOW! The First Decade: From Hawaiʻi to the World

POW! WOW! The First Decade: From Hawaiʻi to the World

POW! WOW! is an international mural arts festival founded by Jasper Wong in Hong Kong in 2009. It has since expanded and taken place in a dozen cities around the world, such as Japan, Worchester, Korea, Guam, San Jose, and Washington DC to name a few places.

The first event was held in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 2010. The 2021 edition was also held in the magical island of Honolulu as well. The installation took place in the Bishop Museum and it opened its doors to the public on May 15.

The 2021 exhibit “POW! WOW! The First Decade: From Hawaiʻi to the World” showcases over 160 artists, including some of Hawaii’s most notable artists as well international sculptors and street artists. It is being showcased at the Bishop Museum and presented by the Hawaiian Airlines.

The word “Pow Wow” originates from North American indigenous communities and means a ceremony that brings people together to socialize and honor their culture. However, the creation of the festival’s name came from comic book action bubbles with the combination of commonly used expressions “Pow” and “Wow.” Coincidentally, this art festival became an event where artists from across the world can meet and share their art through community building and urban beautification. 

“POW! WOW! The First Decade: From Hawaiʻi to the World” features some artists whose work sits upon our very own Wynwood neighborhood such as Hiero Veiga, Lauren YS, OG Slick, Tatiana Suarez, and Shepard Fairey.

It also highlights Hawaii local artists like 7Sketches, Kaelyn Okuhata, Kate Wadsworth, Kris Goto, Lucky Olelo, Mr. Hahn, Shar Tuiasoa, Carl Pao and many others.

For more information, head over to the POW! WOW! Official Website and Instagram @powwowworldwide

Check out some of the art from this year’s exhibition!

Crash @crashone

Slick @og_slick

Solomon Robert Nui Enos @solomonenos

Defer @deferk2s

Lauren YS @squid.licker

Tristan Eaton @tristaneaton

Hiero @hieroveiga / Roxy&Matt Ortiz @wooden_wave / Cryptik @cryptik

Apex @apexer

Slick @og_slick

How and Nosm @hownosm

Greg Mike @gregmike

Persue @persue1

Roxy&Matt Ortiz @wooden_wave

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